Aerial Intelligence UAS Training Program

UAS Ground Training Course

Aerial Intelligence provides UAS (aka: Drone) safety and flight training required by the FAA. This program will cover all of the “do’s and don’ts” of piloting your UAS safely to enable you to really enjoy it without the crash landings. This 3.5 hour course includes a written training packet, preflight checklist, flight simulator, and a certificate upon completion. This course is only offered to owners of DJI Phantom or Inspire products. 

•    The Federal Aviation Administration

    ◦    Rules for Recreational, Commercial, and Government Users

    ◦    The 333 Exemption

    ◦    FAA “Proposed” Rules for sUAS

•    Safety

    ◦    Planning Your Flight

    ◦    Checklists

    ◦    Weather Considerations

    ◦    Identifying Hazardous Obstacles

    ◦    Insurance

•    Location Checklist – Where and when can you fly legally?

    ◦    FAA Flight Restrictions

    ◦    Identifying Restricted Areas

    ◦    Temporary Flight Restrictions - learn about NOTAMS

    ◦    Airspace Basics - what are my rights if I get shot down?

•    Equipment

    ◦    Battery Considerations

    ◦    Cameras, Gimbals, and Gyroscopes

•    Negative News

    ◦    How to Avoid Pilot Disorientation

    ◦    Understanding Capability of Equipment

    ◦    How to Avoid Fly Aways

    ◦    Don’t be in the news!

Phantom & Inspire Ground Training: 

In addition to the FAA safety training, we will be covering all of the features of your aircraft in detail:

    •    Know YOUR UAS

    •    Flight Basics - understand the air you’re flying through

    •    Calibration Calibration Calibration (said it 3 times - it’s IMPORTANT)

    •    Weather Considerations, Location

    •    Emergency Procedures – Fail Safe, Return to Home, and Fly Aways

    •    DJI User Settings – Simulator and Flight Recorder

    •    Firmware Updates - these can be tricky but absolutely necessary

    •    Handouts include Pre-Flight Checklist, Equipment Checklist, Take Off Checklist

    •    DJI Go App Settings

    •    Failsafe Settings

    •    Return to Home Features

    •    Gain and Expo Tuning

    •    RC Control Settings

    •    Master Stick Mode

    •    Course Lock – Aircraft Fixes Forward Nose Orientation

    •    Home Lock – Aircraft Follows Direct Path to Home Point

    •    Point of Interest – Aircraft Circles Designated Point

    •    Follow Me – Aircraft follows the mobile device

    •    Way Points – Aircraft Flies Along Programmed Flight Path

Field Training:

In this 3 hour course, we will go out to a safe location and provide hands on, one on one training with YOUR aircraft. You will be working with one of our expert pilots to ensure you takeoff, fly, and land smoothly with confidence. Class sizes are limited to 2 students per instructor. 

Advanced Field Training:

Paul Richard, certified FAA UAS pilot and director of videography with Director’s Chair Productions, will provide private lessons to those who aspire to become professional UAS pilots or to simply enhance your skills in aerial videography/photography. 


To sign up for private lessons, contact us at

Phone: (510) 409 - 0655